London Artificial Grass (28mm) - 4M width


The London is a lush super practical artificial grass that both looks great and is ideal for family life. Kids can play all year round with no mud being trod back into the house, the grass allows for a ball to travel easily so its a fantastic playground for kids of any age and it is practical for pet owners too as its washable (mostly you will just pick up any mess but if you need to wipe it down use any washing powder and a damp cloth for no stain removal) so if the dog uses the garden you can easily clear it up! This is a highly recommended grass choice for the discerning garden urban garden owner who wants a stylish but low maintenance lawn.

Product Specification:
2m, 4m & 5m width Technical Specifications
  • Yarn type : PP(diamond shape & PE (curly yarn)
  • Gauge : 3/8"
  • Stitch : 26
  • Density : 27300 points/m2
  • Dtex : 12500
  • Pile height : 28mm
  • Pile Weight: 2000gr/m2
  • Total weight : 3100gr/m2
  • Backing : PU backing
  • UV stability meets DIN 53387 standard 600